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List of ITIA Certified Legal Translators

What is an ITIA Certified Legal Translator?

An ITIA Certified Legal Translator is a 

a) member of the association in the "professional" category 

b) who has achieved a PASS in both exam papers in the stringent ITIA Certification Examination 

c) and is therefore approved to translate, stamp and certify documents intended for use in a legal or official context and that require certification (e.g. Birth Certs, Marriage Certs, affidavits, adoption papers, company documents, degree certificates etc.).

This is not a general accreditation but is specifically for translators specialising in the translation of legal and state documentation. 

Please note: An ITIA Certified Legal Translator is permitted to certify only his/her translations. S/he is not permitted to certify or stamp documents that have been translated by third parties.  

The aim of the ITIA in offering its members 'ITIA Certified Legal Translator' status is to achieve formal recognition both for the profession and the status of a Certified Legal Translator within the Irish legal system, government departments, state institutions and the business community, and to maintain standards of professional excellence through continuing professional development programmes.

How do I become an ITIA Certified Legal Translator?

a) you must first be a professional member of the ITIA and

b) have 5 years of documented translation experience and 

c) achieve a PASS in both examination papers (see: ITIA Certified Legal Translators procedure document) in the annual ITIA Certified Legal Translator examination. 

A translator who certifies the accuracy of a translation in relation to an original document in another language carries full responsibility for making such a statement. Therefore, great care and attention is always required when providing certified translations. If a translator is found to have wilfully mistranslated or inaccurately translated a text, such translator may be charged with negligence, perjury or even with contempt of court.

The following are some of the official documents that require Certified Translation:

Birth CertificatesDivorce or separation papers
Marriage CertificatesDegrees and Diplomas
Death Certificates Medical statements
Adoption papersAgreements
Notarial deedsCustody papers
Court rulingsOfficial correspondence
Memoranda and Articles of AssociationAny other document requested by authorities,
solicitors, companies or individual customers

Please note!

Applications for ITIA Certified Legal Translator will be accepted again in October 2017.

For some general information from the most recent round of examinations held in 2016, please see  ITIA Certified Legal Translators procedure document.

ITIA Certified Legal Translator - further information

List of ITIA Certified Legal Translators

For further details on Certification please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it