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 ITIA CERTIFIED TRANSLATORS (for a stamped, certified translation of a legal / state document)

The ITIA online searchable database of translator and interpreter members is now available. For the moment, only Professional Members of the ITIA can be accessed through the online database. Should the language combination you are seeking not be available among our Professional Members, please see our Register of Members in PDF format, which contains language combinations, subject area specialisations and member contact details for both Professional and Associate members.

Professional Members are those who have been awarded Professional Membership of the ITIA for a specific language combination or language combinations, in accordance with strict criteria based on qualifications, experience and, from 2008 on, success in the ITIA Professional Membership Examination.

ITIA Certified Translators are Professional Members of the Association who have been successful in the ITIA Certification Examination. This examination involves the translation of documents that are required in a legal context and for state departments, foreign embassies, companies (e.g. birth certs, marriage certs, company statutes) and where such authorities requires the translated document to be certified, stamped and sealed. 

If the language combination or area specialisation you require is not available in our Register of Members or in the online database, please contact our secretary for further assistance:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Tips when purchasing translation
(Text: Chris Durban; Editor/Design: Antonio Aparicio.   A. Aparicio & C. Durban 2003)

Translation - Buying a non-commodity
( Durban and Melby 2008)

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