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The Irish Translators' and Interpreters' Association is concerned that people without any qualifications in interpreting or translation are being asked to work as interpreters in Irish hospitals, garda stations and the courts. 

This is generally due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the skills and experience required to successfully carry out both translation and interpreting assignments to the highest standard.  

A corollary of this is that the work of interpreters and translators is undervalued and consequently underpaid.

The ITIA, therefore, makes submissions about standards in translation and interpreting at every opportunity and seeks to advise and guide where applicable. 

The following are the main submissions made by the ITIA over the past number of years: 

To the Working Group to report to Government on improvements to the protection process, including Direct Provision and supports to asylum seekers (March 2015) 

ITIA response to the Department of Education and Skills foreign language consultation process (November 2014) 

To the EU Commission on the Transposition into Irish law of Directive 2010/64/EU on the right to translation and interpretation in criminal proceedings (October 2014) 

To the Courts Service (March 2011) 

To the Joint Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women’s Rights concerning the proposed EU directive on the right to interpretation and to translation in criminal proceedings (2010)

To the Law Reform Commission - on Expert Evidence (2009)

To the End-of-Life Forum - Irish Hospice Foundation (2009)

To the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (2009)

To the Courts Service on the Courts Service Statement of Strategy 2008-2011 (2008)

To the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality, Defence and Women's Rights (2008)

To the
Medical Council - on Ethics (2007)

On Garda Policing Plan 2008 (2007)

Garda Corporate Strategy 2007 - 2009 (2006)

To the Garda Siochána on the need for Translation and Interpreting services (2003)

To the
Expert Group on Mental Health Policy (2003)

Procedural Safeguards in Criminal Proceedings (2003)

To the 
Working Group on the Jurisdiction of the Courts (2002)

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