Benefits of being a member of the ITIA

ITIA is the only professional body representing the interests of practising translators and interpreters in Ireland

The ITIA welcomes translators and interpreters of all specialisations and levels of experience, offering  membership in the following individual member categories:   
  Professional  -  Associate  -  
Affiliate   -  Student

Professional Membership is awarded to translators or interpreters who meet the strict criteria of the ITIA based on qualification and level of experience. Applicants must also achieve a PASS in the annual Professional Membership Examination (translator or interpreter) set by the ITIA.

Associate Membership may be granted to holders of a third level qualification in translation and/or interpreting and/or languages or to holders of a third level qualification with relevant experience.

Affiliate Affiliate membership may be granted to persons who do not meet the requirements for other categories of membership but who have an interest in translation and/or interpreting 

Student Membership is available to persons undertaking undergraduate studies in any discipline or those undertaking postgraduate studies in translation or interpreting.

The ITIA offers regular CPD courses to its members on aspects of the translating and interpreting professions but does not offer full-time courses in these areas. There are a number of universities in Ireland offering post-graduate courses in translation, including DCU, NUI Galway, UCC, TCD and UCD. Please refer directly to these universities for more information

Professional Members of the ITIA who fulfil specific criteria may apply to be assessed for 'ITIA Certified Translator' status.

The ITIA provides a searchable database of Professional members and a Register of Members in PDF that include Professional and Associate members. Both registers can be accessed by prospective clients.

ITIA members have access to job offers through our members' mailing  list.

ITIA members can participate in continuing professional development courses run by the ITIA

ITIA members may attend continuing professional development courses (CPD) at a number of European sister associations (e.g. ITI, BDÜ, ADÜ, Asetrad) at the normal member rate charged by that association. For details, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Through events organised by the ITIA, members are in contact with others working in the same profession

ITIA represents the interests of its members at national level:

             - through regular submissions to the Courts Service, the Oireachtas,
               the Medical Council, an Garda Síochána and various Government departments
             - through participation on the Government advisory committee set up to 
                examine cost-effective translation/interpreting for Goverment departments
             - articles to the print media
             - interviews with the broadcast media   
The ITIA provides up-to-date informaton on translation services in Ireland and new developments in the translation and interpreting professions

ITIA represents the interests of its members at international level:  

            - as a member of Féderation Internationale des Traducteurs (
FIT) and through
              regular participation at meetings and events organised at European level at 
FIT Europe
            - through our representative on the Conseil Européen de Traducteurs
               Littéraires (
            - through participation at EU conferences, workshops, meetings 

Each member receives a copy of the award-winning journal Translation Ireland

Our quarterly ezine,
ITIA Bulletin, provides information on events at the ITIA, national and international conferences in addition to articles on a wide range of issues pertinent to the translation and interpreting professions

Group membership schemes with VHI.

ITIA is represented on the board of Ireland Literature Exchange (ILE) and the Irish Writers Centre (IWC)

For further information, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it